Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LBL N/S Hike 2.1 day 3

LBL N/S Trail Hike 2.1 day 3 We started day 3 at the Great Western Iron furnace.
We passed by Bison Hideaway On Ginger bay road. The Bison were all hiding from us! Thank goodness before they lost signal or we had gotten down the actual trail. We realized we hadn’t put the stove into the backpacks. That would have made lunch a little difficult to cook! We started off and the path was really a great path. It was much drier so no mud! The weather was cool but sunny, so it was really nice to be hiking. About 3 miles in we came to the Iron Mountain Camp and the fire tower.
I could not have slept in the shelter; it was kind of freaky to me. Also we were to close to the fire tower.
The fire tower house and barn were really creepy. Things from when it was used were still there. Papers and couches it looked so abandoned that you just felt like you were walking into a horror movie!
We did see a nest of baby birds up in the shelter. One little baby had hopped out and was sitting in the poison ivy.
Don didn’t feel so bad about his shoes when we saw on the ground an entire sole from someone’s boot. They had hiked in the mud the day before us. We kind of laughed at the invisible person because they always walked straight in the muddiest parts. We always knew where not to step because this person had slid and sank in the mud so much. As we continued on we came to amazing pine forest. I loved seeing all the tall pine trees. You just had to stop and look up every once in a while at the majesty of the trees. Also the wind was picking up so we also were on the look out for widow makers (branches weakened by the storms)! The softness of the needles was really nice to walk on. The piney smell just filled your nose. I could have popped a tent up and stayed right there. We thought about the fire risk though.
We made it to Tharpe Road, this is the final leg of the Hike, there is no road to be picked up at so once you start you gotta just go the last 8 miles! We went a head and stopped for lunch. There was a nice little bench so we were able to take a good break sitting off the ground. We were ready to finish so we began the last leg. It was a wide nice path so it was easy walking. We just kept waiting for the turn on the path heading to the last couple of miles. That seemed to take forever. It was 6 miles but we just kept trudging on. We walked up hills, down hills, over dry creek beds and thru pine and regular woods. Finally we got to the last 2 miles.
Donnie and Ana met up with us. We gave them our packs. You feel so light after you take your packs off. I was so excited to almost be done I just took off walking faster then I had the whole time. I was giddy to be so close. It was still 2 miles though. So as we got closer Donnie and Ana ran on ahead to take pictures of our finish. All of a sudden the path thinned to a small steep trail. We smelled the strong odor of a skunk. All I could think was no way did we come this far to get sprayed by a skunk the last 100 yards. Thank goodness that didn’t happen! I was racing to the end! Glad to have completed it. Also really glad to know a flush toilet was right across the road!!
LOL We went across the street and took our final Hike Photo at the South Welcome Center! Yeah!!


  1. You are so awesome! I am so glad you are my daughter!!!

  2. I hadn't gotten to read all of this yet, but seriously mom, you rock!