Monday, April 16, 2012


I have 3 days until I get to go and finish this hike. I say finish with my fingers crossed. Don was talking about his foot hurting today. I really just wanted to scream. I am telling you I will be finishing with or with out them. They can meet me at the end each day! I just felt like he was making excuses not to finish before we have even left. I feel really annoyed about this today. I have this idea and I know it is mine and not theirs but I really would feel better with lots of support! Also, On my mind is the fact that there is 35 days until my son leaves for basic training.I am keeping busy so I do not dwell on this fact. I am incredibly excited for him. But I am also terrified for him and know i will miss him terribly. He is just like his Father, he has this way of making me so mad I can't see straight then make me laugh and smile so much it hurts! I love that boy! His sisters and I are really going to miss him more than he knows! Okay, I am done whining, sorry just needed a minute!

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