Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Joy how I lost it, Time to Take it back!

What is your Joy? Have you lost your joy? What can you do to find your Joy? What is Joy? The definition is: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. I have known for a while I lost my joy. Here is the problem though. In my own weakness I really didn't lose it. I gave it away. I wrapped it in neat little boxes and handed it to undeserving people. How did I do that. I opened my ears to the negativity of others. I didn't just listen to it, I wallowed in it. I became angry from it. I let it take root in my heart. I walked away from everything I knew.
   In allowing it to take root in my heart, I started to not even just believe the negative things people were saying about me. I believed what people were saying about others. I allowed a major argumentative spirit into my life. I didn't trust any one.
  I also have allowed my self speak to strip any other joy I have. If you think I have been harsh to others, oh how I speak to myself smashes my joy. Blocks out the sun and the stars and the moon. I stomp on my own joy.
   I am ready to take it back though. It started this past summer, realizing who I am and who I am not. I had put myself on this perfection pedestal. If I wasn't perfect then I was nothing. Well I am not perfect, but I am worthy of love, of friendship, of JOY! Not just oh yeah things are good. But my life to be joyous! To wake up full of pleasure to get the day started! No more giving my joy away to anyone. There is a difference in sharing your joy and giving it away. I want to share my joys!
   I want to open my home, my heart, my mind to sharing my joy!
My joys are found in Worshiping God, in My husband who is awesome! I have 3 cool kids with 3 cool spouses. I have 3 amazing grandkids, I have an angel (Sarah) watching us all.   I have a body that works and a mind that is learning everyday. So no more living with out JOY!