Monday, March 26, 2012

Preparing for the Hike

Well here we go again. My family and I attempted to hike the North South trail at Land Between the Lakes a couple a years ago. It did not turn out well. Temperatures were in the 100's and I have only seen mosquitoes like the ones that were attacking us in cartoons! We were spraying ourselves with poison and still slapping them off with blood on our hands. Now we know go earlier in the season. So Donnie and I are going. Saturday the 31 we are going to do this. In fact we are really not giving ourselves much of an out. Don is going to drop us off and then there we go! I am now packing weighing and measuring what Donnie and I need to take and figuring out what is unnecessary.

We will begin at the North Welcome center. Then Finish out at the south welcome center. Camping in the woods along the way. You can view maps better at this web site. You will have to copy and paste it.

We are incredibly nervous and excited to begin this journey. I will be updating my Facebook with pics along the way then will add more when we are done to this blog and to FB. Please pray for our safety and that we just have a wonderful time!

One of the other reasons we are doing this now is that my son is moving out. A month after this my Son Donnie will be leaving to embark on a new life and career of his own. He will be heading to Fort Benning GA to begin Basic Training in the Army. I am very proud of him.

Monday, March 19, 2012


March 5 my second Grandson was born. Rachel did a great job. Being there for the births of all of my grand kids has been an incredible gift. Watching Rachel struggle with the pain was so hard. The look on her face when she first saw Aaron was so amazing. Watching my girls have husbands who love them so much and have such love for their children is so wonderful. So here is the first picture of Mr. Aaron

He is holding an Elmo doll is Opa (Grandpa) gave him. Opa is grandpa in German and means party!!