Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Well I am going to do a half marathon! What..... wait, I am fat, how can I do that! I am so scared about trying this. I go to an informational meeting tomorrow night. The YMCA is having training for newbie’s so that is how this fat grandma is going to run a half marathon! The picture below is me the day before beginning training meeting. I am type 2 diabetic, 214 lbs right now. I know that my health will improve with this hard work. I am very undisciplined so I am hoping that this program will bring out my old competitive spirit. I would love encouragement and questions about how I am doing to keep me motivated.Well, I went to my first meeting. I feel alot better not quite so nervous. I will begin actual training tomorrow. They gave us a schedule to follow. We meet three days a week. We will run/walk as a big group and then do three other workouts on our own! I am going to use this to get me back to working out. I need to get me a backpack for my water bottle, and new shoes. Those will take me a bit cause I need to get good ones. There were lots of different people there. Okay I am gonna be brutally real I was glad to see people who were bigger, and looked more unhealthy. It gave me hope that I can really do this. I am horrible, I know! I will let you know how tomorrows run goes!

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