Friday, November 2, 2012

Pain and Packing July 23-27

Pain and Packing July 23-27 So I have returned from girls trip. There is a week until our big vacation to go see Donnie at his Graduation. I realize now something is really wrong. I have had twinges in my back since I put a box under the stairs after the North South Trail hike. I am now having to have others unpack the van. I am struggling to gather everything for Georgia trip. I am so thankful Ariana was here. She helped so much. The pain was not really in my back. It was a strange electrical pain going from my hip to my toes. I looked lots of things up and it appeared to be sciatica.
I am prepared to head to Georgia not matter what. In pain I am packing. July 28th 2012 we are leaving!

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