Monday, January 9, 2012

Garden bug....

Today was so pretty here, after being sick I just couldn't stay inside for one more second. I decided I was going to get my burn permit and burn up all the twigs in my yard. I then started looking at moving my old compost pile. Transferring it into a new bin my husband Don is building me. I rake and moved all the top parts out picking up sticks and things. Well it exposed some wonderful rich soil. I am excited to plant watermelons and pumpkins there in the spring. They will do great there. We are working towards getting our garden back in shape this year. I have not put any focus outside for a while. I am so satisfied with getting things prepared for spring. I believe working outside is a great way to be close with God!~~~~big long sigh of satisfaction ~~~~

Oh and I figure this is a great workout for me as well!!

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